Trend Home






VTI Energy Systems Enercept Trend Home is located in the Village of Ogdensburg.

The trend home will include Enercept SIPS panels for the walls and roof.

TF insulated concrete system for the foundation and basement.

Anderson 400 Series Windows with Low-E4 glass will be included.

The trend home will have an American Standard 2 stage with heat pump and Air Handler TXV controlled. Along with an Accu-clean whole house electronic air filter, UV air sterilization system, Aprilaire digital automatic humidifier, and a programable thermostat.

Milbach Construction Services, Co. will be building the new trend home.

The trend home will be energy star tested and monitored by Home Building Technologies.

The trend home has been started, pictures of the excavator breaking ground and the TF concrete system being put in.

Pictures of the contruction process (install of Enercept SIPS, framing, doors, windows, walls, painting, flooring, siding.